It’s safe to say that anyone in North America who considers themselves an avid angler eventually realizes that walleye fishing in Canada is some of the best on the continent. With a bevy of immaculate lakes and waterways, the “Great White North” has become regarded as a premier destination for those hoping to create an unforgettable fishing vacation. Fishermen and women from all over, descend upon our slice of paradise to experience the thrill of limiting out on eaters, or better yet, landing a trophy walleye. So in that regard, the challenge of walleye fishing in Canada lies more in deciding how to prepare these prized specimens than catching them. Surely almost every angler has had fried walleye—which tastes fantastic, but considering how many you’ll bring in the boat, you’ll want to get creative, so here we’ll share three of our favourite walleye recipes.


As much as we savour a good old-fashioned fish fry, there are a countless number of walleye recipes that go beyond the most well-known preparation. Like we said before, it’s highly likely that you’ll have plenty of filets by the end of your trip, so finding new ways to cook walleye is essential. Without further ado, we present our three favourite walleye recipes.


Pasta may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you ponder the different ways to prepare your bounty, but this hearty dish will make you rethink how you cook fresh-caught walleye. The sauce does require a little patience as you’ll want it to be relatively thick, meaning much of the water will need to evaporate before serving. The sweetness from the tomato melds with the classic savoriness of garlic while infusing the mushrooms with this delectable concoction.


This reasonably healthy creation is quite simple. The nutty overtones supplied by the crushed almonds come together with the flavorful combination of paprika, garlic, and onion ends with a subtle sweetness brought on by the coconut flour. Once the filets finish, place them on a bed of your preferred fresh greens, rice, or couscous.


Okay, so we couldn’t help ourselves from putting at least one fried walleye recipe on the list. A little sweeter than a classic beer batter, the rich honey goodness binds with the familiar walleye taste that even the most discernible foodies have come to appreciate. This easy and delicious entree is sure to have your taste buds dancing.


If you’re still looking for more walleye recipes, we suggest perusing this comprehensive guide. In the meantime, you can start planning your trip! With so many Canadian fishing lodges to choose from, it can sometimes seem difficult to know what separates descent from the elite. Great White North Lodges operates two of the best remote angling outposts on this side of the border at Minor Bay Lodge and Slippery Winds Resort, which have proven to be the pinnacle of walleye fishing in Canada. For more information to plan your fishing vacation, please visit us online or call 204-982-9680 or 1-888-BIG-PIKE.

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