Slippery Winds Wilderness Lodge has five cabins, ranging in size from a 2-bedroom cabin that can accommodate a couple with a child up to a larger cabin that accommodates up to seven guests.

All guest cabins are fully modern, with either propane wall heaters or electric baseboard heat. The cabins have either one or two bathrooms with showers and/or a tub shower. All cabins are equipped with refrigerators.

Cabin 1

Cabin 1 is an open floor plan cabin overlooking Yoke Lake. The cabin features a large open area with two twin beds and two bunk beds and heated by propane wall heaters. There are two 3-piece bathrooms with corner shower stalls and a screened porch running the entire length of the cabin. We will accommodate four adults in cabin 1, or a group with a couple of children that can sleep on the top bunks.

Cabin 2

Cabin 2 is situated to the north of the lodge and offers an excellent view of Yoke Lake from its front porch or the living room. It is the closest cabin to the lodge. Cabin 2 is a four person cabin. with four beds. There are two bedrooms, one with a double bed and the other with a twin bed. There are also two twin beds in the main room. The cabin has a three piece bathroom with shower stall. A screened porch runs the length of the cabin.

Cabin 3

Cabin 3 is located up the hill north of the lodge. The cabin offers excellent views of Yoke Lake and enjoys cooling breezes blowing on-shore from the lake in the evening. Cabin 3 is a two guest cabin with two bedrooms, a living room and a 3-piece bathroom with a glass corner shower stall. One bedroom has double bed and the other bedroom a twin bed. The cabin has a large screened porch overlooking Yoke Lake.

Cabin 4

Cabin 4 is located east of the lodge. The cabin can accommodate four guests with four twin beds. The cabin has one main room with a half-wall divider separating the room into two sleeping areas. This is a bright cabin with floor-to-ceiling south-facing windows, which are shaded from direct sunlight by the cabin’s screened porch. The cabin has a small sitting area with a couch, table and chairs and a bar fridge and a separate 3-piece bathroom.

Cabin 5

Cabin 5 is often referred to as “the top of the A-frame”. This is Slippery Winds largest cabin, which can accommodate up to eight guests. The cabin has a large bedroom at the back with four twin beds, a small bedroom with a twin bed off the main room, a large main room with a couple of couches, table and chairs, fridge and three twin beds. The cabin has two bathrooms – one with a glass corner shower stall and the other with a tub / shower.

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