When it comes to learning the best knots for braided lines, even some avid anglers will ask, “Why bother?” Despite the many advantages braided line has over monofilament and fluorocarbon, it can sometimes be hard to manage if you don’t have much experience. Many fishermen and women have used braided lines once or twice and quickly decided it wasn’t for them. Still, we’re willing to bet they didn’t realize the braided fishing line’s true potential. After several years of fishing at Slippery Winds, we’ve shown many anglers how to make the most of the braided line, and today we’ll give you a jumpstart!

The Advantages of Braided Line

Anyone who has given the braided line a fair shake can quickly identify its many advantages. Not only can it help you cast your lures further, but your reel will also hold more line, and your hooksets will be more effective. The challenge of figuring out the best knot for a braided line is arguably the most critical.

Types of Knots for Braided Line

The knots you use are undoubtedly one of the most critical aspects of equipping your gear and tackle. Braided lines can be difficult to work with, so patience is crucial. There are several types of knots to use for different situations.

Using Uni-Knots to Tie Line to Line

If you’re concerned about the braided line’s visibility in clear water, you’ll want to tie on to a fluorocarbon or microfilament leader. This is when the double uni-knot comes in handy. If you’re using a slick or thin line, you’ll want to increase how many times you wrap around the braided line. After the lines are firmly connected, examine them closely to ensure they’re even. A smooth knot will prevent your line from catching the guides and reduce your cast distance. Remember to snip the tag ends before your first cast!

Standard Palomar Knot

Palomar knots are an excellent option because they are easy to tie. If you can secure an overhand knot, you can secure a Palomar! Palomar knots are also durable. It’s ideal for connecting directly to a hook, lure, or swivel and is perfect for teaching youngsters. 

Trilene Knot

The Trilene knot is commonly associated with fluorocarbon and monofilament lines, named after the famous fishing line company. Still, it’s relatively easy to tie with a braided line once you have some practice. The line will pass through the eye of the hook twice, so this will work well with a reasonably thin braided line. 

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