Walleye fishing in Canada is arguably some of the best in North America and something every fisherman and woman should experience. Imagine climbing into your boat with your gear as the sun slowly creeps over the horizon, and mist rises from the water. You take a look around and see nothing but pristine backcountry so immaculate that you begin questioning how you haven’t done this before. Whether you’re in search of your personal best lunker or hoping to limit out on eaters, Great White North Lodges has two fishing lodges in Canada; Slippery Winds and Minor Bay Lodge, that offer unparalleled walleye fishing opportunities in a remote setting. At Great White North Lodges, you’ll quickly learn we believe in putting all options on the table. To give you an idea of what to expect while fishing in Canada, we’d like to share a bit of information that will help you learn how to catch walleye!

Tips on How to Catch Walleye


Anglers all over North America view spring as the best time for walleye fishing in Canada; however, the highly sought sport fish eat up to five percent of their weight during the summer. It’s also vital to consider walleye prefer the dark. So, even though you can catch them with plenty of daylight, you may have more success by targeting them early in the morning, dusk, or during a cloudy day. Stained water can also provide a positive experience. Navigating to deeper water or ample structure is one of the most effective ways to increase your chances on a sunny day.


Walleye typically travel in schools; thus, it has become common practice to mark your spot after a catch or even after a few subtle bites. After locating the school, you can cast, jig, or use a bottom bouncer if you’re dealing with a rocky lake floor. Many anglers employ trolling after dark with jerkbaits, mimic minnows, and crankbaits. Although walleye are opportunistic predators and have a broad diet, they seem to prefer insects and smaller fish to small mammals, crayfish, and amphibians.

Walleye Fishing in Canada at the Best Wilderness Resorts

Great White North Lodges offers unrivalled rustic accommodations in the depths of the Canadian wilderness. Our seasoned fishing guides will impart useful knowledge that will be valuable for years to come. For more information or to make your reservation, please visit us online or call 1-204-982-9680 or 1-888-244-7453.

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