Experience the Canada fishing trip of a lifetime when you stay at our fly-in, American-Plan lodge. The exclusive packages at Slippery Winds Wilderness Lodge include experienced fishing guides, serviceable boats, comfortable accommodations, and more! For those who want to target big game fish, you may want to read our guide on perfecting the figure-eight method for a better chance at landing even the legendary and elusive musky.

What Is the Figure-Eight Method?

When you’re musky fishing, you can employ the figure-eight method by using your rod to make an oval, figure-eight, or zig-zag pattern as your retrieve gets closer to the boat. It’s not necessary to make an exact figure-eight. If the musky fish follows your presentation, you just need to continue the motion until it bites or swims away. 

Why We Use the Figure-Eight Method for Musky Fishing

The first step in learning how to figure-eight for musky fishing is understanding why it’s effective. Musky fish will follow their prey for long periods of time without striking. The figure-eight method often entices these apex predators to strike. 

How To Land a Figure-Eight While Musky Fishing

A long fishing rod is more effective for creating figure-eights than a shorter one. Even though it’s not necessary to perform an exact figure-eight to entice your target to bite, many anglers spend years mastering perfection. Others claim an oval is easier. Still, you can try both to discover which one works best for you. You need to focus and begin the process when the musky is nearby. Eventually, you can lead it away from the boat rather than towards it to prevent it from becoming spooked or bored.

A Classic Canadian Fly-In Fishing Experience

The time to pull out the figure-eight method is when you see that a musky has its eyes on your lure. It is an acquired skill to keep the bait interesting to your prey but not too aggressive or twitchy for it to bite. With enough practice, you’ll master the art of the figure-eight method and will have many great musky fish catches. Thankfully, the guides at Minor Bay Lodge will be at your side to ensure you have the best chance at success. Reach out online or call today to book the ultimate Saskatchewan fly-in fishing trip!

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