Fishing for northern pike in Canada is something every serious angler should consider. In many cases, fishing lodges in Canada are in remote locations, allowing fishermen and women to fully immerse themselves in the nearly unscathed wilderness exhibited in the country’s desolate reaches. Such an experience is held in high regard as this type of environment is likely to garner a personal best or trophy specimen. And, although Great White North Lodges, a highly reputable Canadian fishing guide service, will provide you with everything you need, it doesn’t hurt to diversify your inventory and learn about what makes specific lures more effective. If you’re planning a fishing vacation that centers around targeting monster northern, you’ve probably developed a preference for what to use. However, if you’re new to the sport, we recommend taking a look below where we feature the best northern pike lures on the market.


Fishing for northern pike is one of the most unique and diverse types of angling. Their jaw-dropping ability to seemingly fly out of the water, willingness to strike, and relatively large size contribute to them being one of the most highly sought after gamefish. Although these fish are reasonably aggressive and will hit an assortment of presentations, it can sometimes be challenging to decide which lures to employ. It may not seem like it, but northern pike can sometimes be as fussy as a muskie, so having a wide variety of northern pike lures is an essential part of any fishing vacation. The main lure categories are spoons, spinnerbaits, soft plastics, topwaters, and jerkbaits. Today, we’ll share with you a few of our favourites.


As you probably know, fishing for northern pike is one of the most popular reasons to visit Great White North Lodges. Like all species, pike are enticed by presentations and baits that mimic their natural prey. Therefore the best lures for the job are ones that look like something a pike would want to devour. Without further delay, here are four of our favourites:

  • Blue Fox Spinnerbait – Runs 2 feet to 6 feet. The two-part body emits low-frequency sound vibrations that attract fish and trigger strikes while virtually eliminating line twist.
  • Storm GT360 Searchbait – You will be catching a wide variety of fish with the Storm 360GT Searchbait Swimmer. Ready to fish out of the package, the Storm 360GT Searchbait Swimmer is a hybrid action lure that combines the best features of a swimbait and crankbait.
  • Mann’s 1-Minus Crankbait – This shallow-running crankbait has been a guest favorite with Minor Bay guests for pike in early June on Wollaston Lake, when the pike are shallow.
  • Lixada Fishing Pike Lures – This lure has an incredibly life-like appearance that creates a provoking S-shaped swimming motion at any speed and is extremely resistant to damage inflicted by a good fight.
  • Savage Gear 3D Burbot Softbait Lure – Pike (and muskies) love burbot, so this trolling lure is extremely effective due to its hyper-realistic design.
  • Booyah Pikee Spinnerbait – Explicitly designed for pike, this spinner utilizes flashing colours and vibrations. It is exceptionally durable, which is crucial for pulling up monsters without getting stuck in the weeds!
  • Original Dardevle Spoons – You probably remember your fishing mentor digging around for their “spoon” when you were a young angler. Spoons are a tried and true northern pike lure, a classic design, and effective in trolling and casting situations.


Now that you know more about some of the best northern pike lures, wouldn’t it be fitting to test them at the best fishing lodges in Canada? Slippery Winds Wilderness Resort and Minor Bay Lodge, operating under Great White North Lodges, offer an unforgettable experience that will teach you more about fishing for northern pike than anywhere else. Whether it’s Yoke Lake in Ontario or Wollaston Lake in Saskatchewan, you won’t believe the size of some of our sportfish. For more information to choose the lodge that’s right for you, please reach out online or call 1-204-982-9680 or 1-888-244-7453.

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