Although we’re not entirely out of the “dog days” of summer, it’s only a matter of weeks until we say goodbye to the warmest time of the year. Fall fishing in Ontario is something every serious angler should consider. Although most guests visiting Slippery Winds will arrive during the summer months, autumn offers some of the best fishing opportunities for a few different reasons. What’s more, the comforting fall air combined with the amber and crimson hues provided by the changing leaves creates the perfect setting for a meaningful and unforgettable fishing season.

Fall Fishing Season at Yoke Lake, Ontario

After accounting for how few people will be travelling during autumn, planning a fall fishing trip in Ontario becomes a reasonable proposition quickly. Although Ontario rarely gets “too hot” in the summer, autumn all but guarantees a comfortable outing and nearly perfect weather besides the possibility of a few rainy days here and there. Furthermore, lower temperatures lead to fewer pesky insects like mosquitoes, gnats, and horse flies. No matter how you slice it, fall fishing in Ontario is a game changer!

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As we anticipate shorter days and cooler breezes, we must also consider changes in fish behaviour. Much like spring fishing, the waters during the fall season will be much cooler than they were in June, July, and August. As such, many schools and individuals will begin moving away from the cold depths and closer to shore, but as any avid angler will tell you, fish are anything but predictable. Thankfully, the fishing guides at Slippery Winds will offer exceptional tutelage as they help you wade through the intricacies of fall presentations and techniques. Slippery Winds is more than a place to catch trophy-size game fish. Visitors come here initially for the chance to reel in a monster but return for the outstanding service, professional staff, and unrivalled tranquility.  Check out these tips for fishing Ontario in the fall from Northern Ontario Travel Magazine

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Fall fishing can be a gratifying undertaking, offers a new perspective on angling, and shouldn’t be overlooked. One of the most significant factors that separate Slippery Winds from the other reputable Ontario fishing lodges and guide services is the exclusive nature of the stay. We intentionally restrict our maximum capacity to ensure a personalized experience every step of the way. For more information on how we can help provide the ultimate fishing trip, reach out to us online or call 888-244-7453 today.

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