Few experiences are more peaceful than being out on the open water fishing. Located on Yoke Lake with easy access to several other waterways, there’s no better home base for your Canada fishing trip than Slippery Winds. Not only will you be surrounded by the beauty of Canada’s northern wilderness but also world-class fishing spots. Before heading out on your excursion, read up on the benefits of catch-and-release fishing. 

What Is Catch and Release Fishing?

Catch and release fishing is just as the name suggests. Whatever fish ends up on your hook is taken off and released back into the water. This type of fishing is not always required under Canadian fishing regulations. However, if there is a possession limit on the number of fish you can keep, then you must release whatever is caught once you reach that limit. 

Why Practice This Type of Fishing

When fishing with us, you can catch a wide variety of species, including walleye, muskie, bass, trout, and pike. All these varieties make for great trophies, but sometimes the best option is to release them back into the wild. If done correctly, there is a high survival rate with catch and release methods, which means the fish remain alive and can reproduce. Perhaps the biggest benefit of this type of fishing is how it helps improve native fish populations.

Plan the Fishing Trip of a Lifetime

No matter what you catch while practicing catch-and-release fishing, capture those memories in photos. At Slippery Winds, you have the chance to fish from six different lakes, which means plenty of opportunities to reel in a big one worthy of a photo on your wall at home. 

We offer a wide range of packages, so you can find one that fits your ideal vacation. In addition to exceptional fishing opportunities, staying at our Canadian fishing lodge means you have a cozy cabin to call home. Call 888-244-7453 or contact us online today to learn more.

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