Canada fishing trips will take you to some of the premier lakes for fishing in Ontario, Canada. Cross the dense forests and picturesque landscapes of Ontario to the lakes, where you will find abundant species like walleye, muskie, bass, trout, and pike. Slippery Wind Wilderness Lodge is on Yoke Lake and offers easy access to five other lakes. 

Being one of the top fishing lodges in Canada, Slippery Winds has everything needed for your Canada fly-in fishing trip. We differ from other Canadian fishing lodges thanks to angling adventures on six distinct lakes in Ontario, including Yoke Lake, Straw Lake, and Sucan Lake, where you will find diverse species. Here are what you need to know ahead of your Canada fly-in fishing trip:

Flying in Floatplanes

A floatplane used for Canada fly-in fishing trips.

From the dock, you will fly over sprawling woodlands, rocky hills, and pristine landscapes to the remote lakes on your Canada fly-in fishing trip. The floatplane will take you to your lodge or fishing area, where you can begin your angling adventure. 

Choosing the Right Fishing Gear 

Using optimal gear will help ensure a successful day of angling with the chance at a trophy-sized specimen on your Canadian fishing trip. When choosing essentials like rods, waders, fishing lines, and reels, your choice will depend on the fish you’re targeting. If you feel like you don’t have enough experience fishing in different locations, our knowledgeable fishing guides will help and give you tips on how to fish in our lakes. 

Knowing the Right Fishing Spots 

Fishing is not only about the sport but about the spot! There are several lakes for fly-in fishing in Ontario, and multi-species sportfish. You need to know where to find the different species and the best spot to fish. For example, knowing where to fish in the spring is different than in summer. That’s why our guides will lead you through your search for unique species. You can expect a wide range of native Ontario fish. 

The Best Fishing Lodge for Your Canada Fly-in Fishing Trip 

No better way to round off your fishing day than staying at Slippery Winds Wilderness Lodge. 

Spend your evenings after an exciting backcountry Canada fly-in fishing trip in one of the finest Ontario fishing lodges, relaxing, and chatting with other angling enthusiasts, telling stories of your adventure.

Visit us online today or call us at 1-888-244-7453 to learn more about our all-inclusive vacation packages or for bookings.

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