Variety is the best word to describe the fishery at Slippery Winds Wilderness Lodge – variety in the species of sport fish and variety in the lakes available to our guests. Slippery Winds Wilderness Lodge is home to six species of sport fish – muskie, northern pike, largemouth and smallmouth bass, as well as lake trout.

The lodge has practiced catch-and-release angling for the past 20 years and the results are evident in both the quality and quantity of fish caught and released each season by our guests. Other than small fish, which may be kept for shore lunch, all fish are released. We recommend replica mounts if you want a memento of your Canadian fishing adventure to Slippery Winds Wilderness Lodge.

Our six lakes can be accessed from the lodge via boat or a short portage. The lodge is located on Yoke Lake, which is an excellent fishery and produces trophies in all six species of fish native to our locale. Yoke is the largest of our lakes and it produces good numbers of trophy fish of all six species. The boats on Yoke Lake are 16 footers with swivel seats, floorboards and casting decks. They are powered by dependable 15 hp Yamaha outboards.

The lodge’s back dock is located on Straw Lake which offers anglers the opportunity to catch loads of small to mid-sized pike, numerous of eating-size walleye and trophy quality largemouth and smallmouth bass. The boats on Straw Lake are 14-footers with swivel seats and powered by 15 hp Yamaha outboards. 

Sucan Lake is accessed by travelling down Sucan Creek from Straw Lake. Sucan, like Straw Lake contains largemouth and smallmouth bass, northern pike and walleye. Trophy smallies are regularly caught and released on Sucan.

Our other three lakes – Bluffpoint, Crossroute and Sullivan are all reached by overland portage. All three portage lakes are inhabited by largemouth bass, lake trout and northern pike.

Bluffpoint is a favorite of guests who enjoy largemouth bass fishing. The lake has high numbers of largemouth in the 16 – 18-inch range. It also excellent for lake trout in the 6 – 10 lb range and smaller northern pike.

Crossroute Lake regularly produces trophy quality largemouth, good-sized northern pike and lake trout. This past season a nice 42-inch pike was caught and released on Crossroute.

Sullivan Lake does not produce the same numbers of fish as our other two portage lakes, but the fish on Sullivan Lake tend to be larger. Sullivan produces trophy quality pike and largemouth.

We have three 12-foot boats powered by 9.9 outboards cached at each of our portage lakes. Guests only need to carry their tackle, PFD’s and lunches across the portage as all the other necessary equipment is already there.


With the option to angle for six different fish species on six totally different lakes you will never become bored with the fishery at Slippery Winds. If you enjoy variety in your fishing with the opportunity to catch trophy quality fish in each species Slippery Winds Wilderness Lodge should be a top choice of fishing destinations.