Our five lakefront guest cabins are fully-modern. The cabins feature comfortable hotel-grade twin or double beds made-up with genuine Hudson Bay blankets, electric lights, propane heat, and three-piece bathrooms with large shower stalls.  All cabins have either full-size or bar fridges so our guests can keep their beverages cold.


Guest cabins #1

Cabin #1 is an open floor-plan cabin overlooking Yoke Lake.  The cabin is ideal for a group with youngsters as there are two bunk beds and two twin beds.  Otherwise the cabin comfortably accommodates four adults.  There are two bathrooms with shower stalls, propane heat and a screened front porchGuest cabins #1-Interior

Guest cabins #1-bathroom

Guest cabins - #1 Interior

Slippery Winds Guest Cabins


Cabin #2 is a lakefront, two bedroom, four person cabin.  The cabin is equipped with propane heat, a three-piece bathroom with shower stall and a screened porch.  One bedroom has a double bed, with a twin in the other bedroom and two twins in the main room.Guest cabin #2 - bedroom










Cabin #3 is a two bedroom cabin overlooking the lake.  The cabin has two bedrooms – one with a double bed and the other with a single bed and a comfortable living room with a small couch.   The three-piece bathroom is equipped with a glass corner shower stall.  Baseboard heaters are located in all rooms.  The cabin also has a large front deck.

Guest cabins #3 - bathroomGuest cabins #3 - living room



Cabin #4 is a four-person cabin with four twin beds, a three-piece bathroom with shower stall and a small sitting area.  A propane heater keeps the cabin cosy during those cool spring nights.  A half-wall separates the cabin into two areas.Guest cabins #4 - bedroomGuest cabins #4 - living room











Guest cabins #5 exteriorWe call cabin #5 the “Top of the A-Frame”.  Cabin #5 is set-back from the water.  It is our largest cabin and can accommodate up to eight guests.  The cabin has two bedrooms, two bathrooms – one with a tub/shower and the other with a shower stall; and a large living room – with floor-to-ceiling windows.Guest cabins #5 - bedroomGuest cabins #5 - bathroom











All our guest cabins clean, comfortable and fully-modern.